Eugenia, Icee Vendor / by Simon Abrams

Eugenia [255/365]

I was doing one of my usual rambling walks in Prospect Park yesterday afternoon - despite the fact that I don’t usually have a goal or destination, these walks make me feel like I’m actually doing something with my weekend.

I happened to make eye contact and smile at the woman selling icees by one of the entrances to Prospect Park. She returned my smile, and despite the fact that I’m usually really shy about asking to photograph strangers, that is exactly what I found myself doing.

I learned a couple of things from this exchange - one was that photographing strangers isn’t that scary. In fact, when I showed her the shot I had made on the back of my camera, she told me that she thought the photo was “muy linda”, and seemed really happy - which was very rewarding to me. I also learned that while I’m still a huge fan of the candid, unposed stuff that the hardcore street photographers do, a posed portrait of a stranger is also very satisfying.