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Remembering Paris by Simon Abrams

For no particular reason, today I got all nostalgic about our trip to Paris back in 2010. I like going back over my photos, with the distance a few years provides, and looking at photos that I might not, at the time, have considered all that interesting. Often, I find that I've changed my mind, or I see something new that I never noticed before.

More photos from the trip are on Flickr.

From the Archives: Five Boro Bike Tour 2008 by Simon Abrams

From the Archives: FDR Panorama

On May 4th, 2008 I took part in the Five Boro Bike Tour for the second time. The 42 mile tour passes through all five boroughs of New York City (hence the name), starting in Manhattan and finishing in Staten Island. This panorama was made as we headed south down FDR Drive, which runs along the East River. In the distance, you can see the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge - aka the 59th Street Bridge.

From the Archives: My Desk by Simon Abrams


Skimming through my Aperture library, I came across what I now think is a really nice image. I like the lighting, I like the perspective… the processing makes me wonder what kind of mood I was in that night.

Finds like these make me wonder what other forgotten gems are languishing in my 40k+ image library, waiting to be rediscovered.