Wallpaper Wednesday: Midnight Taxi by Simon Abrams

On the way home late one night after working on presentation materials for a pitch. (I don't remember who we were pitching, or if we won.)

The city becomes serene and peaceful, and there's something about observing it through the scratched, streaked glass of a taxi windows that is romantic, mysterious, ethereal. Or maybe I've just watched too many movies.

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Wallpaper Wednesday: Orbs by Simon Abrams


Today's wallpaper is an abstract image I shot several years ago, taking advantage of my 50 f/1.4mm lens' pretty bokeh and shallow depth of field.

Sorry it's a little late - I think Squarespace was having some back-end issues.

Dowload desktop, iPad and iPhone versions via the links below, and as always, don't be a jerk. If you redistribute, I'd appreciate a link back here.

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