For Sale: Plywerk Prints by Simon Abrams


Please visit my brand new print gallery on Square Market, where you can purchase prints from my Hello Brooklyn series (requires Flash).

These unique prints were made for my photo exhibit at K-Dog & Dune Buggy, coffee shop and late lamented Prospect-Lefferts Gardens institution.

The photos are printed on gorgeous bamboo panels from Plywerk, and are color-fast so they'll resist fading. They're all matte prints, except for one metallic print of the rooftops of King's County.

Hopefully you find something there that will spiff up your home or office, or that will make a nice gift for someone you care about. It's Alive! by Simon Abrams

Olivia and Brian

I’ve finally put the finishing touches on my dedicated photography site, “Finishing touches”, who am I kidding - I’ll be fiddling with that thing forever - but the point is, it’s up and functioning. The purpose of the site is to serve as a place to go to see my photography portfolio (and, by extension, battle my online photography schizophrenia), and to promote my fledgling kids and family portrait photography side gig (Reasonable rates! Call or email for more info!).

Stop by and check it out, and leave a note in the guestbook if you’d like. Also, if you’re so moved, you can purchase high-quality prints and other great photo products as well. Bonus: Use coupon code ITSALIVE to save a couple of bucks at checkout.