Wallpaper Wednesday: Midnight Taxi by Simon Abrams

On the way home late one night after working on presentation materials for a pitch. (I don't remember who we were pitching, or if we won.)

The city becomes serene and peaceful, and there's something about observing it through the scratched, streaked glass of a taxi windows that is romantic, mysterious, ethereal. Or maybe I've just watched too many movies.

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Wallpaper Wednesday: Lower Manhattan by Simon Abrams


This week's wallpaper is late. Sorry about that. It is a cityscape of Lower Manhattan with some rather dramatic clouds. This is the South view from Deutsch's offices in Chelsea.

iPhone, iPad and desktop versions are available, and as always, don't be a jerk.

EDIT: I just realized I uploaded a low-resolution version of this wallpaper for the desktop size - that's been fixed.

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Wallpaper Wednesday: Bamboo by Simon Abrams


I think this is bamboo. I'm not a botanist or arborist or herbologist, or any other -ist that would know what type of plant this is, though. All I know is, it was up on the Highline Park and it provided a really nice textural background for some portraits I was shooting that day. Grab it in iPhone, iPad and Desktop sizes via the links below.

Usage rights: no commercial use, please. Link back with credit if you do use/remix this. Don't be a jerk.

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Brooklyn Bridge and FDR Drive by Simon Abrams

This image is far from perfect. The vibrations from car and train traffic on the Manhattan Bridge present a challenge when shooting long exposures. I was using my beloved old Canon G10, which doesn't seem to have the sharpest lens when shooting in low light, and struggles mightily with noise. Plus, there's no clear view of anything from the walkway on the Manhattan Bridge - it's all obscured by a chain link fence on top, and iron gratings below, so getting an unobstructed shot requires poking your lens awkwardly through an opening and bracing your tripod strategically, then waiting for the traffic to die down long enough to get a crisp shot. All that aside, I do like the colors in this shot a whole lot, so technical imperfections aside, I'm sharing it anyway.

The Brooklyn Bridge and the FDR Drive, as seen from the Manhattan Bridge